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Patricia really goes above and beyond with a lot of her Medical Reviews and is excellent about providing replacement copy in plain language and following style guidelines. She’s a gem.

- Medical Editor, Healthline Media

I check in with the Medical Content Managers regularly, and today they told me that you have been turning in very strong work. I just want to say excellent job and thank you!

- Mike Bohl, MD, Director of Medical Content & Education at Ro

Patricia is a solid writer with exceptional research skills. I am extremely impressed with the in-depth research she compiled for the article. I will definitely be hiring her again.

- Small Business Owner

Just wanted to reach out and thank you for such a thorough review of our quetiapine article. You made some fantastic catches, both with aligning to the PI and following our template instructions. Great work!

- Holly Ernst, Senior Editor of Drug Content, Healthline Media

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