Patricia Weiser, PharmD

Hi! I'm Patricia. I'm a medical writer, reviewer, health content creator, and coach.


I have more than 14 years of clinical experience in retail/community pharmacy and hospital pharmacy. I've worked as a staff pharmacist and pharmacy manager in rural and urban settings. I've had countless conversations with patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals, finding answers to tough questions and overcoming barriers. 

My clinical experience has made me incredibly comfortable with healthcare communication and translating complex medical topics into simple terms. I also have an in-depth understanding of the healthcare system and what people need to know about preventative health, taking medications, and managing chronic disease.

I love being a pharmacist, but I have always enjoyed writing. So, I decided to start freelance medical writing on the side. My "side hustle" rapidly grew into a successful full-time business. 

My clinical experience has been instrumental in helping me create quality, relatable content. If you need healthcare content for your website or publication, please reach out to see if we're a good fit.

I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. I live in Berks County, PA with my husband, two daughters, and pets. Outside of work, I enjoy reading, yoga, trail biking, and planning the next family getaway. I also can't pass up ice cream or a chance to see Dave Matthews! 

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